Cervical Cancer Treatment

4 types of Treatment for Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer can often be treatable

Cervical cancer treatment depends on :

Where exactly is cancer?

The size of the cancer

Types of cervical cancer.

patient’s general health.

Cervical Cancer usually includes surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. It may also have treatment with medicines as well.

1. Surgery

Surgery is the main treatment for cervical cancer, especially when the cancer is found at the right time.

There are many surgeries used to treat cervical cancer.

Surgeries involve removing :

a small part of the cervix which has cervical cancer.

the upper part of the vagina- The womb is not removed, so the patient could get pregnant in the future.

surgery includes removing the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Recovery from these surgeries may take a long time depending upon the surgery.

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2. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy uses medicines to kill cancer cells.

Chemotherapy for cervical cancer includes:

Chemotherapy is the main treatment for cervical cancer.

it is used before surgery to help make cancer smaller.

Chemotherapy helps stop cancer from coming back.

3. Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy uses high-energy rays of radiation to kill cells.

Radiotherapy for cervical cancer includes:

It helps improve symptoms, like bleeding.

Radiotherapy helps stop cancer from coming back.

It helps to treat cancer so that it doesn’t grow more.

This therapy is given from the outside and inside of the body.

4. Treatment with medicine

If a patient has advanced cervical cancer or it comes back, you may have treatment with targeted medicine called Avastin.

This medicine helps to make cancer smaller and stop it from growing more.

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