5 Causes of Vaginal Pain (Why it is so painful)

5 Causes of Vaginal Pain

The vagina is supposed to bring you pleasure – not to feel swollen, achy, inflamed, sore. Here we are with all the possible reasons your private parts hurting and how to get back to normal.

Why Your Vagina Hurts

Having pain in any part of the body is normal but having pain in the vagina or near it might be the worst feeling ever. Explaining the pain to your gynae can be embarrassing and looking for symptoms on Google can get you anxiety also the worst part is that your gynae won’t take you seriously.

So now it’s time to end the mystery and a lot of confusion roaming around your mind about vagina pain.

Vaginal Dryness

Without having enough vaginal lubrication during sex can be uncomfortable, Sometimes Vaginal dryness during sex can be so painful that it can leave you with tiny tears or even minor scrapping inside or outside the vaginal opening.

Wondering what is the reason behind it?

It’s usually caused by low estrogen levels. It is usually because of pills or another hormonal birth control that you are taking at that point in time, as they reduce the amount of estrogen which is circulating in the body which leaves you high and dry.


Some women have extreme vaginal dryness and it’s really painful during sex, which can cause splits and tear in the vagina. This is why gynae usually suggests taking advantage of good lube during sex.

If you don’t have any hormonal changes and are still experiencing vaginal dryness? 

This could be because of allergy medication which is designed to dr mucus membranes.

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Your Periods

Every Girl/Woman knows about Cramps. But sometimes your period can set you up for a different kind of pain as well-Vaginal pain and discomfort before, during, and even after menstruation. As women approach their periods, they retain a small amount of fluid in their muscles.

This kind of pain is relatively minor.

Vulvar Cyst

Ever noticed a painful bump in your vagina? It could be a vulvar cyst, another called an epidermal cyst, which occurs when a hair follicle in the skin of your vulva, usually they’ll resolves itself over time without any antibiotics. If it’s really bothering you, see your gynae about options for popping cysts safely.


Sexually Transmitted Infection

The scariest thing ever about STIs ( and the reason you should get checked if you have unprotected sex with someone you are not sure about).

If your down-below pain sounds similar to the kind of pain these STDs can cause, let your gyane know and tell her that you want to get tested.


If your vulva feels chronically sore or swollen that it even gets hurt while touching and even sitting down for long periods makes the pain worse, that condition is called vulvodynia. 

There are many women who experience symptoms and don’t like to talk to their doctors about them, often because they’re embarrassed and fear the pain will be dismissed as per their psychology. It’s a real physical condition, and everyone should get diagnosed.

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