5 famous dishes of Himachal Pradesh 

5 famous dishes of Himachal Pradesh 

Himachal Pradesh is a scenic northern state in India famous for its beauty and handicrafts. Himachal is full of breathtaking sights of the mountains, rivers, and valleys and also popular for its Himachali food which is a mixture of Punjabi and Tibetan cuisine.

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Here are 5 famous dishes you must try during your vacation in Himachal Pradesh

1. Dham

One of the most popular Himachali dishes is Usually prepared for the celebration in Himachal They only use lentils and dairy products in the preparation of Dham. Rajma or Chole is cooked in yogurt and served with Maash Dal topped with Khatta( a sweet and sour sauce made with tamarind and jaggery).


2. Sidu

Sidu is another popular dish of Himachal. Sidu is a bread made up of wheat kneaded with yeast two hours before preparation.Sidu is stuffed with boiled green peas, roasted peanuts, walnuts, and even paneer and is paired with ghee, and green chutney.

3. Madra

Madra or Chana Madra is a popular card-based gravy in Himachal cuisine. It is only made in ghee/oil. Curd is brought to boil and chickpeas soaked overnight are added and cooked until a thick yummy gravy is formed. This dish is served with chapati, rice, or bhaturu(bread kneaded with yeast)

4. Thukpa

Noodle soup originated from Tibet. Thukpa can be prepared in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian ways. Many vegetables such as tomato, onion, beans, cabbage, and carrot can be added to the soup. This is a spicy dish cooked with ginger garlic paste and sauces can be added to it.

5. Kullu Trout

Famous fish of Kullu trout. This dish is prepared by marinating the fish trout in various Indian spices, this dish is pan-fried in oil and garnished with a light lemon-onion sauce and  it is served with rice and boiled vegetables

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