5 Haunted Places in Himachal Pradesh

5 Haunted Places in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is home to amazing mountain towns and hill stations, but there is a supernatural side to it that can haunt you and give you goosebumps. This beautiful state is also home to some of the most haunted spots in India. On that note, here are a few haunted places in Himachal Pradesh that you can visit if you are strong enough or stay away from if you don’t want to come across the supernatural. Your call.

  1. Charleville Mansion, Shimla

This old mansion is said to be haunted by the spirits of foreigners

This century-old mansion was built during the British Era and it was rented out to a British officer, Victor Bayley, and his wife in 1913. when they started staying here, the locals warned them several times about this house being haunted. One day, the officer also came across a locked room in the mansion which was considered to be haunted. When he opened the door to check, the room was totally exhausted.

Soon the couple realized that all the stories behind this house is totally true.it is believed that this house is haunted by the ghosts of Englishmen who roam around this mansion. Currently, an Indian gentleman owns this house. He has reshaped this mansion completely but the stories behind it still remain the same.


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2. Castle Naggar

Many eyewitnesses claim to hear different voices of people talking to each other and objects moving from one place to another, in this building.

This castle-like building on Naggar road which was built during the British Era by the Englishman is said to be haunted. This abandoned castle was once occupied by the kings and queens during the British era. Many unusual activities have been reported here. However, these spirits are totally harmless.


3. IGMC Road

Locals believe that the spirit of an orange seller still roams around here, on this road adjacent to the medical college.

This road, located near Indra Gandhi Medical College in Shimla, is known to be haunted by the spirit of an orange seller who used to sell oranges on this road. it is believed that he was killed in a car accident and now his spirit roams around.

4. Chudail BaudiĀ 

According to reports, a woman in white is seen asking for a lift, on this route.

This place lies between Shimla highway and chotta Shimla. According to the reports, this road is haunted by the spirit of a woman dressed in white who always asks for lifts. They claimed that the woman sits in the car even if she is being refused by the driver. Then, she constantly stares at the driver and distracts them.

This incident has led to a lot of road accidents. Passersby have also complained about their vehicles slowing down when on this route. Locals always blame this spirit of woman for all the road accidents that took place over here.

5. Kasauli Graveyard

Visitors over here reportedly seen spirits roaming around in this graveyard, hearing whispers and sometimes screams at night.

This graveyard, situated on the road to Shimla, is known for its paranormal activities. A number of unusual incidents have been reported here. Many people have complained about seeing spirits roaming around in this graveyard at night and also complained about strange noises and cries. No one visits here after sunset.

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