5 Things Guys Secretly Love But Won’t admit it!!!

5 Things Guys Secretly Love But Won’t admit it!!!

When it comes to men, whether a guy is just starting to date a woman or already having a committed relationship with her, there are many small things that girls may do without thinking twice about what guys secretly love.

There are many, here are five to start.

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1. When you are lying your head on his chest

From lying on the couch watching TV to laying in bed after a long day, it’s the best feeling when a woman lays her head down on a man’s chest.

The man really enjoys this feeling as though they are being protective, also this signifies that she feels safe in his arms.


2. When you text him

There is a lot of pressure on guys to always start the conversation. Sometimes he may not know if he is being pushy or maybe texting too much – he might overthink and may not text you which could leave you wondering.

If he is into you, he will always think about you. They too feel affection. Just sending him a quick text will brighten his day and give a kickstart to a good conversation.

3. He really loves it when you appreciate him

Some people are more affectionate than others, and it’s not wrong actually. Just remember, if a man puts in a lot of effort in a relationship, he will never ever complain about hearing when you appreciate him. some can read your feelings from your actions, and some guys need a more direct approach. It will make them feel warm.

4. Listen to him

Always try to listen and understand him. Sometimes a guy has something important going on in his life, maybe he is working towards a goal, or maybe it’s just stress about work.

When you sit down and genuinely get engaged in a conversation about something important to him, this will let him know that you really care. (Even if he already knows).

5. Trying to Be Affectionate

You really don’t have to jump on him in public, but little things like holding his hand while you’re walking, hugging him in line while going grocery shopping will make him feel close to you and that you’re proud to be with him.

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