5 Tips to Have a Healthy Relationship

 5 Tips to Have a Healthy Relationship

Each and every person dream to have a healthy relationship, but there are many of us who are not aware of it. Here’s why we are here with a few tips for a healthy relationship.

1. Try to do those things which you were supposed to do in the first year when you were dating

As the months and years pass, every couple gets lazy in their relationship.

one starts losing their patience, understanding, gentleness, and even the general effort done before in the relationship. start thinking and writing the first year things you used to do for your partner and then start doing it again.

healthy reationship

2. Ask for what you want

As time passes we start assuming that our partner knows about us very well and that we don’t want to ask for what we want. With this one, they start expecting more and just as quickly they get deflated. These unmet expectations can lead to questioning the viability of our partnership and connection. Always keep in mind asking for what you want extends to everything that you need from emotional to sexual wants.

3. Try to become an expert on your partner

Try to learn more about your partner and what excites them, whether physically or emotionally. Remember that if it’s important for your partner, never overthink about it, just do it.

4. Trying to keep it sexy

Sexy can certainly refer to bedroom preferences but it also means what excites us about our mate in our daily life. Ever found housework sexy? Do you find it unsexy when they snore while sleeping? Talk about what it specifically means to keep it sexy in a relationship. Be inspired, be amazed.

5. Try to be creative about the time you spend together

Thinking of doing something different? Don’t have a good budget? Jump on the internet and started looking for cheap date ideas. Go for long drives, have lunch dates at a normal place, walk hand in hand, and have tea at a normal “Dhabas” with a long conversation.

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