Anonymously Yours Review 2022

Anonymously Yours

Anonymously yours is A story about two teenagers who meet each other accidentally: the story starts when a boy accidentally texts a girl thinking of someone else, and they two fall for each other without knowing each other. Doesn’t it sound familiar? This story is based on many teen movies including Anonymously Yours, which is now streaming on Netflix.

Valeria or Vale is content being uncool- For most of the part in the movie. Vale got her beautiful BFF Regina by her side. She wants to study cinema but her parents always wanted her to do something rather than study cinema. Things in her life are pretty uneventful until she gets the following text from the wrong number in the middle of the night.

Anonymously Yours

While she initially waves it off in a grumpy stupor, she’s intrigued the next day and she starts continuously to text this boy. They agree to stay anonymous and really get to know each other and their bond blossoms. The boy Alexnew to school and is on Scholarship due to his stellar grades.

The boy is still struggling following the loss of his father, so to divert his mind he spends his time working on academics and watching movies-which was his dad’s favorite.

One day, as Vale and Alex endure long afternoons of detention and continue to give each other a hard time, they unknowingly start crushing on each other over text. When their friends started dating each other, the two started to realize they may have more in common than they originally assumed. Just then we might expect, the two to fall for each other both online and off, and these teens may very well get their happily ever after.

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Anonymously Yours has been done’s done so many times that it almost renders itself inconsequential. The film has a pretty big heart. It plays a tune that’s entirely too familiar, removing all dramatic stakes and leaving us instead with what is perhaps a pleasant trip back to high school drama, but not much less.

The cast does their very best with what is a largely uneventful script, Anonymously Yours has great intentions, but it just can’t overcome the cliches that drag it down from scene to scene.

Anonymously, yours is so deeply predictable and laden with cliches that it feels like we’ve seen it more than a few times before.

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