Basic Equipment for working out at home

Gone are the days when you could fool yourself by not going to the gym, You really don’t have to go out of your house for gymming. You can set up your own gym at home and will not need much space. This home gym will make your life easy and healthy. You will require very little essential equipment to maximize the effect of your workout to achieve your goal faster.

Here we are with a list of basic items for your home gym:

1. Dumbells

Try to give three to five sets of dumbells of different weights to perform a wide range of strength training exercises. Try to buy hex-shaped dumbells with rubber coating as they will be comfortable to hold and work out with. These types of dumbells last as long as compared to others.


2. Resistance bands:

Resistance bands are available with different levels of resistance and are used for beginners and advanced levels.

So try to select a resistance band level according to your capacity and the exercises you used to do. Begin with medium resistance and up the resistance when you want to make the moves much more challenging. This will help you strengthen and tone your muscles.

3. Kettlebell

Kettlebell is just like dumbells but some moves are unique to kettlebells and you cannot do the same as you do with dumbells. Some may think that kettlebells are not worth it but investing in them makes your workout session more challenging.

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4. Jump Ropes

Jump Ropes are the most versatile and cheap gym equipment. You can use it for your cardio workout, to improve coordination and burn calories. Try to go for a durable jump if you are a beginner and if you want some strength training, use a weighted skipping rope.

5. Push-up Stands

Without a doubt, it is clear that Push-ups are an excellent exercise to work on your upper body and a push-up stand will help you engage your shoulders, chest, and arms better. which provides a firm grip, they will protect your wrist against injuries. Push-up stands will make your exercise more effective.

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