Behind Her Eyes 2022 – Shocked, Stupid, Strange

Behind Her Eyes 2022

The brand new Netflix series Behind Her Eyes is a dark psychological thriller series, full of turns and twists. The series is based on a novel by Sarah Pinborough after watching it for a few minutes, you will come to know that the real mystery lies in waiting. The story begins when Louise’s single mother is looking to have some fun in her boring life. On a blind date, she ends up kissing David.

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The next day when she reaches her office she comes to know that he is her new boss! David’s wife Adele can also be seen in his office on his first day. Everything seems to be perfect about this couple, but you will still end up feeling something is wrong between them.

Behind her Eyes is directed by Eric Richter Strand. With every episode, you will learn about the differences between David and Adele. You will see how Louise throws away everything she has for a dangerous thrill. Louise (Simona) is so natural in embodying this role that you can’t miss applauding her whereas Adele (Hewson) is terrifying mostly on the edge and you can stop thinking why!

Once you start watching this series you will surely enjoy watching it because of the character’s love loyalties between the three but as you watch further the show becomes all about drug addiction, strange dreams, and dirty secrets. Adele and Louise bond overnight terrors, the former slyly teaching the latter how to control her dreams and eventually getting into the practice of astral projection. Adele even floats out of her body to check on her loved ones and know details about them, which were secrets.

You will watch an episode about Adele’s rehab center which holds a lot more significance than you understand at first. Where she meets her friend Rob (Robert Aramayo), To whom Adele teaches how to travel in the dreams. In no time, Rob started falling in love with her and even more with her grand lifestyle and her big mansion.

There are so many twist unanswered questions till the last minute when the finale arrives, you are simply shocked. 

behind her eyes

If you have decided to watch it then remember the genre will change, many times. 

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