Best Alternatives For YouTube Vanced 2022

Best Alternatives For YouTube Vanced

YouTube is an app that we are all familiar with and also enjoy watching it. However, YouTube does not always provide you with all of the features you want right away. despite having a YouTube Premium subscription, many of us are used to using Vanced for its extra features. Alternatives such as Vanced offer much more than just adblocking. The most amazing feature which I personally like is the video playback options.YouTube dislike button, sponsor block, and many more features are on the way.

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1. YouTube Premium

Paying for YouTube Premium will definitely get you 90% of the features that are already available here, but you will get the added benefit of supporting your favorite creators. If you used to watch videos in Vanced but did not have a YouTube Premium Subscription, the creators will not receive any kind of compensation for your viewing.

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SkyTube comes in two flavors. One of its examples is “SkyTube Extra,” which includes libraries and support for the official YouTube player. With the options you select, you will receive video downloading, background playing, adblocking, and much more.


If you are only looking forward to YouTube VANCED just for streaming music, then you’ll love the YMusic app. This app allows you to play only the audio part of a YouTube video (in the background when the screen is turned off). while saving up to 90% of data. The best part is you can download the YouTube videos in MP3 format on your device.


LibreTube is a fascinating YouTube app that is still in beta. however, this app has some important features that may attract you to try it out. One of the most interesting aspects of LibreTube is that it uses Piped which means you can never directly connect to Google’s server. If you want to subscribe to channels, you can create an account on that server but this does not mean you are subscribing to any Google-affiliated services.

5. New Pipe

NewPipe is entirely free and open-source and includes features such as background playback, picture-in-picture, video downloading, and much more. This app gets updated constantly with new features, and the developers of this app are extremely concerned about its privacy. The only disadvantage is that you cannot log in to your YouTube account in NewPipe. This absolutely means that there are no advertisements and it works on devices that do not have Google apps.

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