Best make-up brush brands in India 2022

Best make-up brush brands in India

If you are looking to do makeup or you love to do it So the first thing that comes to mind is the makeup brushes, Not all makeup brushes are good for you or for your makeup products.
Here’s a list of the best makeup brushes in India:

1. Kylie Professional Makeup Brush :

This professional makeup brush set comes with a pack of 10 brushes, a blender, and a brush egg. Handles of these brushes are made up of Sturdy wood and the best part of these bushes is their high density of synthetic hair which makes them extremely soft on the skin. This brush provides great blending, contouring, and highlighting.


2. Start-up makers bamboo make-up brushes:

These makeup brushes by Start Makers come with 11 brushes and a make-up sponge. These brushes are suitable for eyeshadow, foundation, blush, and daily makeup.
These brushes are made with high-quality nylon material which will definitely make you feel the softness of the brushes on the skin.

3. Mac plus Brushes

The Mac plus makeup brushes set consists of 24 Professional Quality brushes. These bristles are extremely soft and dense fires that do not irritate the skin. These brushes can be used to apply any makeup, including foundation, eyeliner powder, blush, etc.

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4. Eco Tools

These brushes come in a set of 5 with a travel-friendly pouch that ensures easy make-up applications. The best part of these brushes is that they are made with recycled materials and renewable bamboo that feel even better to use them. As they are recycled this doesn’t mean they are not good to use they give excellent results on the skin.


This makeup brush comes in a set of 11 signature quality brushes. These brushes are versatile, unique, and a perfect addition to your makeup collection. The bristles are luxurious, high-quality synthetic nylon which gives a fine density.
Foolzy brushes are lightweight and sustainably carbon-grilled bamboo.

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