Ever noticed changes in your Vagina after birth -Top 5 Changes in your Vagina

Birth-Top 5 Changes you see in your Vagina after Birth

Seeing your body change during pregnancy is totally normal. Many women notice changes in themselves after giving birth and it’s totally normal. Usually, it takes 12 weeks to a year for your vagina to go back to its pre-birth state and some things cannot be 100 percent the same again.

So what exactly can you expect? If you give birth vaginally, here are some changes you might experience in your vagina after giving birth.

1. Vagina may be drier for a while

When a woman is pregnant, elevated levels of hormones course through her body. After you give birth, your estrogen drops which can later lead to dryness.

Estrogen is something that keeps your vaginal tissue moist with a clear, lubricating fluid. Without estrogen not only will you not have the same level of moisture, but your vaginal tissue can also shrink and become thinner after giving birth. All these things can make it much drier than normal in your vagina after birth.


2. Your discharge gets so heavy that you basically need to wear a diaper

The residual blood, mucus, and the tissue that comes out of the vagina when you are postpartum are known as lochia. You can experience lochia for four to eight weeks after childbirth and also it changes its color over time. It can go from intense red color to a kind of pink or brown color before eventually becoming yellow. Once you see how much it comes out you will totally understand why postpartum underwear and pads combine to form a diaper.

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3. Your period may get lighter or heavier

It may take some time for your periods to come back to normal after birth. Being pregnant throws your hormones out through your vagina and your body has to reset after a baby has vacated the womb. It’s totally true that if you’re breastfeeding, it causes low levels of estrogen that can hamper your periods.

4. Your Vagina after pregnancy may be a bit wider in size

While your vagina and vaginal opening typically shrink back down after stretching during your vaginal birth, if a baby is having a big head, a big baby or many vaginal deliveries could make it less likely to go back to its normal size it was before. Your vagina might be slightly wider than it was in the past. This is something which happens to some ladies after giving birth, not to all. Even if it does happen to you don’t worry it’s totally normal.

5. You may pee yourself while doing basic things like laughing, jumping, or even just walking downhill.

Childbirth can sometimes damage your pelvic floor, which is made up of tissues and muscles that help keep organs like your uterus, bladder, and bowel in the correct positions so that they can function properly.

Childbirth can also affect the muscles and nerves that control your bladder and urethra. This can lead to pee leaking out of your body several times like while walking, jumping, and even sometimes when you laugh.

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