Create Upwork Profile in just 8 steps

Create Upwork Profile in just 8 steps

Upwork is a global freelancing platform where businesses connect with freelance professionals to collaborate and start working together.

The company is based out of San Francisco, California, and has helped twelve million registered freelancers and over five million registered clients.

1. Make sure you provide authentic personal data

When you start using online platforms many think of hiding their identity and not providing personal data.

When working on Upwork, this platform asks for complete authenticity and transparency. This not only helps out professionals to filter out spam and bots.

So make sure that the profile is authentic and automatically rejects a profile that they deem to be inauthentic.


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2. Your profile needs to be 100% complete

When you join a freelancing jobs site they ask you to do a quick registration and decide to come back to complete your whole profile.

If you do not complete your profile other people will find it not active.

Therefore, try to complete your profile in one go or come back later to complete it.

3. Take Upwork’s readiness test

To hire you any company will check if you meet certain criteria and understand things better.

In order to get to work on Upwork, you need to clear the readiness test which will provide you with a guide about everything that you need to understand on Upwork.

4. Try to take skill tests that are relevant to your job profile.

To add authenticity to your account you need to take an additional skill test that will showcase your skills better and demonstrate to your future clients how you bring an advantage to their work.

Take as many of these skill tests as you can to make your profile more attractive.

5. Always make sure you only have one Upwork Profile.

There are many times when a person makes multiple profiles as the last one gets rejected or sometimes you forget the login details.

Make sure while creating your profile. If you want to create a new profile, always delete your old profile.

6. Always find a client to hire you via Upwork

Many Upwork users don’t know that Upwork has a program called Bring Your Own Freelancer which allows their clients to directly hire freelancers that are not on the app Upwork.

7. Join an Upwork agency

Upwork agency is a team of freelancers that are already on Upwork and just like Upwork clients, your profile will be accepted as soon as you accept their email invitation to join their agency.

8. Build your profile around skills in demand

This is the most important step when it comes to getting your profile accepted and selected by clients.

These points will give you a higher chance of getting your profile approved.

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