Cuttputli Movie Review 2022

Cuttputli Movie Review 2022

Cuttputli Akshay Kumar’s Hindi remake of Ratsasan fails badly.

Cuttputli is a remake of the Tamil thriller Ratsasan.

Rating : 1/5

Director: Ranjit Tiwari.

Cast : Akshay kumar,Sragun Mehta,Chandrachur Singh and Rakulpreet Singh.

When the movie starts you’ll see Akshay Kumar playing the role of Arjan Sethi, who is obsessed with serial killers and is trying hard to become a director.


When he fails in his film career, he reluctantly becomes a cop. His brother-in-law (Chandrachur Singh) gives me the advice to keep his head down and ask him to play safely and not to get into any significant problems.

Now, a serial killer is terrorizing the harming town of Kasauli, murdering school girls brutally and leaving mutilated doll heads as his signature. Do you think will Arjan catch the killer before it’s too late?

The directors of the movie have significantly cut down the length of the original movie Ratsasan which was 2h 50 min, While trying to shorten the sequence they have chopped off some very essential build-up scenes that were very important for the movie.

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Literally, the Saathiya song just pops up randomly! which was so annoying.

Ratsasan was like a juicy mango in which you will see plot twist after plot twist but Cuttputli really made its villain dirty. Coming to the climax it was thrilling for Ratsasan but in Cuttputli it was so dark that you could barely see the screen at that point which completely ruined the villain.

Akshay Kumar doesn’t look fully invested in his character. Rakulpreet is an ultra-stylish English teacher who is just being used as a flowerpot and love interest whereas Sargun Mehta gives a convincing enough performance as a female cop.

Coming to the end, Cuttputli fails as a remake of Ratsasan. This movie feels rushed at many points, especially in the future.

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