How Corona Affects Women’s Health- 2022

How Corona Affects Women’s Health

The pandemic has completely changed the lives of people all around the world and has had a particularly different impact on women. A large number of women were driven out of the workforce as the country locked down and for many more reasons, it’s been a major challenge to deal with remote work along with family responsibilities during a period of economic uncertainty, limited child care center options, and complete online classes for children.


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According to a recent survey on the topic of how the pandemic has affected women’s mental and physical health. The survey was completed by 1,000 adults in the U.S.

As per the survey, it was concluded that two-thirds of women faced stress/anxiety during this pandemic. Talking about the men 56% reported higher levels of such issues but there are only 16% said that the change was significant. The women surveyed said that stress and anxiety translated to worse daily habits such as eating and exercising.

13% of women when compared with 7% of men said they had to skip doctor’s visits during this pandemic.

Some survey data additionally shows that millennials and those who were born in 1981 and 1996 have really struggled during the pandemic. Almost 7 in 10 members of this generation reported increased stress and anxiety and 38% of this generation led to worse eating and exercise habits.

There are many women who even started to hide their health concerns, even with their own doctors, for fear of appearing anxious, dramatic, or even silly.

Increased risk of female poverty

The gendered impact of job and business loss on the number of women is much higher than the number of men to face crises-driven loss of income. Talking about all the countries women’s incomes are on average lower than men which increased the poverty is also often much more difficult for women to find alternative employment and income source.

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