How to deal with Insomnia 2022

How to deal with Insomnia

Sleep disorders can make it hard to fall asleep or cause you to wake up too early and not be able to get back to sleep.

It can leave you tired throughout the day and can even affect your physical and emotional health. If a body doesn’t get enough rest, it can affect your mood and concentration. They can also be at higher risk for heart disease and depression.

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Causes of Insomnia include :


Drug use.

Depression, anxiety, stress.

Uncomfortable sleeping conditions.

There are several treatments for insomnia that you can try at home. By changing some of your habits you may be able to improve the quality of sleep.

When to see a doctor :

If you are trying hard to overcome it and still not getting out of it then you need to see a doctor. In that case, your doctor may give you a physical exam and can even ask you a few questions about your sleep habits and patterns.

you should see a doctor if your insomnia lasts more than a month. your doctor may suggest you have behavioral therapy to help you learn better habits.

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