How To Enable Dark Mode On Instagram

Dark Mode is also available on several popular apps, including Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Slack, and Google Chrome.

Remember: Any unofficial dark mode is likely to be imperfect.

How To Get Dark Mode On Instagram

Yes, Instagram users’ Dark Mode is finally available to you – according to the research, it says that many people don’t see and don’t like to see a bright light in their phones or in their apps as well.

Download the Instagram app and visit: Google Play store

Turn On Dark Mode On Instagram

To make use of dark mode in your Instagram

Go to the right-hand side settings option

Open settings now to go theme section

dark mode

You will see the Dark Mode option here, click on it and it’s done.

Your Instagram account is now set to Dark Mode.

To read how to get Dark Mode on your OnePlus Phone, visit:

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