How To Get Dark Mode On Your OnePlus ce 5g

Dark Mode is also available on several popular apps, including Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Slack, and Google Chrome.

Remember: Any unofficial dark mode is likely to be imperfect.

How To Get Dark Mode On Your OnePlus ce 5g

Yes, OnePlus users, Dark Mode is finally available to you- According to the research, it is said that many people love to play games for several hours with the new Dark Mode.

Read instructions for OnePlus ce 5g on

dark mode

Turn On Dark Mode On OnePlus ce 5g

Scroll down to the notification bar 

Move to the right side of the notification bar.

Dark Mode

You will see the dark mode icon on the left-hand side 

Turn it on and it’s done.

To learn more about Dark mode on Instagram checkout:

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