I wouldn't say I like Christmas

Review of I Hate Christmas season 1

Review of I Hate Christmas

I hate Christmas is an Italian romantic comedy series starring Pilar Fogliati as Gianna, Nicolas Maupas as Davide, Giovanni Anzaldo as Nicola, and others. Directed by CRIC, the Netflix series has 6 episodes of approximately 30 minutes. The show is dubbed into English and has subtitles.

I wouldn't say I like Christmas

After lying to her family about having a boyfriend, a single nurse begins a desperate search to find a partner by Christmas which is in 24 days

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i hate christmas

In the Netflix series, I Hate Christmas Gianna, a single nurse, is pressured to find a boyfriend before Christmas. Her family always hoped she would bring a guy home for the festival dinner. Gianna, her sister, and her friends do everything to find the perfect guy for her. She even meets multiple men, only to be disappointed. What do you think will she get love before Christmas?

Christmas is a cheerful Festival. But for many single people, it is a reminder of their loneliness. In the Italian series, we see Gianna going bonkers as she has only 24 days to find a boyfriend.

Coming to the second episode, Gianna meets several men back to back but doesn’t click with any of them. Despite having disappointments, our lead character ends up having sex with someone much younger than her.

The series keeps adding random subplots that don’t fill in much intrigue. The last episode is rushed not only in terms of the love stories of the side characters but to make it look wholesome. The story ends with someone knowing on Gianna’s door. However, she refuses to tell us who the man is.

The new Netflix Christmas series is another desperate attempt to find love during the holidays. Here we will never find out who joins Gianna for the Christmas celebration. At this point, it’s better to skip the show until season 2 is officially announced.

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