Netflix Series Lost Girls – Season 1

Netflix Series Lost Girls – Season 1

Mari sets a resolute piece along Shannan’s final hours and uncovers a series of unsolved murders of sex staff on the island and therefore the closed space. Lost ladies rely on parliamentarian Kolker’s book of the identical name, and whereas the film stays comparatively getting ready to the reality, the story of the Gilbert family is, if something, even more, extraordinary and tragic than what is represented on-screen.

Here is a timeline of the true story behind Lost Girls and the still-unsolved mystery of the Long Island serial killer.


Exact at 4:51 a.m,911 operators receive a distressed call from Shannan, who went to Oak Beach to visit her client. Shannan was continuously screaming that they were trying to kill me,’ according to the 911 helpline they traced her location. A neighbor in Oak Beach reported seeing her running away from the client’s home towards a marshy area, but by the time police arrived there after 6 a.m., Shannan had disappeared. She was never seen after that.

The client Shannan visited before getting disappeared was Joseph Brewer. According to the book Lost Girls, she took the date with Brewer to pay for a birthday gift for her mother, who had reportedly tried to talk to her that night. Brewer told police that Shannan started behaving weirdly that evening and also head enlisted her driver. Michael Pak was asked to come and pick her up. after she placed the call at 911 it was said that she fled from the brewer and Pak, which is when the neighbors saw her running, and called the police.

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According to Police Commissioner Richard Dormer, he told that after running from Brewer’s house Shannan rang the doorbell of an elderly person, Gus Coletti, who later called the police. She later knocked on the door of another neighbor, Barbara Brennan, who too called the police after that.

3, May 2010

Mari got a phone call from Dr.Peter Hackett, A former surgeon who lived close to Brewer in Oak Beach. According to Mari, Hackett told her that he ran a home for wayward girls, but Hackett denied making the calls to Mari, but when phone records were checked police found that he had called Mari that night and he later admitted to the calls but denied ever having met Shannan.

11, December 2010

When police started searching for Shannan, they discovered the remains of a different woman: Melissa Barthelemy, a sex worker who had disappeared in 2007.

13, December 2010

Exactly two days after getting the remains of Melissa, police discovered the remains of three other women: Megan Waterman, Amber Lynn Costello, and Maureen Brainard Barnes. The other victims were also all in their 20s and they were all sex workers.

April 2011

Four months after the discovery of the first set of bodies, police later discovered the partial remains of Jessica Taylor in addition to two unidentified women, and also unidentified Asian man and also a female toddler.

The bodies were all found within a seven-mile range of Gilgo Beach. Police believed that all the deaths were done by the serial killer, but they did not believe that Shannan’s death was related.

13, December 2011

Exactly a year after the discovery of the first remains, Police found Shnnan’s remains in a swampy area on Oak Beach with her cellphone and other belongings.

Mari reportedly spoke at her daughter’s funeral. She will never be at rest until I complete the fight and give her justice.

lost girls

To Be Continued…..

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