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Review of Never Have I Ever 3

Review of Never Have I Ever 3

Teen romance drama Never Have I Ever is in its third season now and yet, the creators are not even trying to come close to making their native Tamil characters speak the language properly. There are plenty of things that irritate you while watching this show rather than their tamilian language.

The 10-episode series tries to explore Devi Vishwakumar’s Pursuit to navigate through high school while trying to be successful in her dating life.

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The season starts when Devi and Paxton Hall-Yoshida walk into school as a couple, even as life has other plans for the former. She had a brief love stint with a newly arrived character, an Indian-origin boy named Nirdhesh.

Never Have I Ever 3

There are some interesting positives about this season. The makers thankfully avoid templates to give Paxton a refreshing and fleshed-out role. There is also an interesting track between Fabiola Aneesa, two of Devi’s friends who share tender moments, understanding, and empathy.

This season also reinforces a lot of Indianness and the country’s obsession with marriage.

Coming back to Devi, the series follows a rather predictable route in resolving her love life. The writing in these portions is just abysmal. The narrative is lethargic, and the longer it goes, the clearer the mediocrity. Never Have I Ever Season 3 might give you a sugary vibe, but all I can say is it’s more like candy floss. Tempting from the outside but hollow and cloy inside.

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