Review for Movie Wednesday 2022

Review for Movie Wednesday

Jenna Ortega leads the title role in the eight-episode Netflix show created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.


The decision to transfer the 15-year-old Wednesday Addams to the alma mater of her parents isn’t really going well. She released piranhas in the swimming pool of her old school that chewed off a testicle of a bully and as a result, she got expelled. But as Wednesday will soon realize, this place might just be as weird as she is.

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But at some point, things do not get any easier with someone trying to kill her. The Addams Family Cartoons were first published in 1938 in the New Yorker in an eight-episode arc. Wednesday has all the elements of that eccentric new pop-culture obsession that Netflix is clearly aiming for. The show remembers that adding suspense isn’t enough to carry this supernatural teen drama forward.

The original worked best because it placed the gothic and the weird against surroundings, but hereat Nevermore the mystery really begins at the expense of resident werewolves, monsters, and other creatures that are clearly reassembled to encourage an interest in the absurdism of the backdrop.

It does not result in building intrigue but dampens it in the process of unraveling the central mystery. The history of Wednesday’s parents, with the attention of Addams Gomez and the implications of discrimination they faced during their time at Nevermore, is cleverly contextualized into the release of the show before Thanksgiving.

There’s a lot going on on Wednesday as the unblinking eye of the deadly calm lead notices, yet of little significance in its stylistically expansive world of mythical creatures and supernatural intrigue. With everything Tim Burton does, Wednesday still feels distinctly specific and watchable. Yet, is it promising enough to lead us to more?

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