28 Days Haunted

Review of 28 Days Haunted

Review of 28 Days Haunted

28 days haunted may take the cake as the funniest show ever. Billing itself as a horror show… the team intends to catch ghosts on screen-and they are totally prepared to do whatever it takes.

Three different teams head off to three different locations to explore haunted locales across the U.S.

Paranormal investigators have figured out that it takes about 28 days to pierce the veil between the living and the dead, so they intend to wait it out for that length of time in these areas, believing it’ll help them communicate with the spirits beyond.

28 Days Haunted

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All the usual hallmarks are here for got hunting, but immediately on the second night, all start searching for ghosts. Flickering lights, a spooky radio, feeling like they’ve been punched in the gut. While this could be true, one of the locations is literally a museum open to the public.

The show moves between areas with an annoying zoom-out-zoom-in function with all the different cameras, but then also uses an actual map to move across segments. On top of that, they are doing interviews with each of the investigators, explaining exactly what they’ve found and experienced.

It’s hilarious to watch. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not is irreverent, but this show goes above and beyond to try and push its own narrative regardless of facts.

There are some genuine laugh-out-loud segments here that are far funnier than anything that came out of She-Hulk earlier this month.

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