After Ever Happy

Review of After Ever Happy

Review of After Ever Happy

After Ever Happy picks up right where the last one cliffhangers us. This show starts when Hardin just discovers that his dad isn’t his dad by catching his mom schtupping his biological father instead of his fiancee on the eve of her wedding.

This movie gets more eventful when he revisits his alcoholic ways and glugs down a liquor bottle Then go to his mom’s house and burns it down. His girlfriend Tessa couldn’t do much to assuage the situation besides getting him out of there and having car sex with him rather than flying home to Seattle and finding her dad dead in her basement. These poor kids really go through a lot.

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Tessa’s dad’s passing shakes Hardin from a drunk funk that found him partying hard and doing god knows what with other women.

After her father’s death they two get off again, but he still goes to Seattle to comfort her and try to get on again, but all she can do is drench pillows with snot and cry sauce, and the last thing she needs right now is his omnipresent stormcloud of bad boy image. finally, she decides to move on to New York.

The movie’s notable for being even more half-written than its 50 shades and twilight spiritual forebears.

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