Review of Cadaver Movie

Review of Cadaver Movie

Cadaver Movie Review :

After a long break, Amala Paul is back, not just as an actor but this time as a producer too. Cadaver is a medical thriller that is alive and gives an exact meaning to its name. This movie is most intense and gives us the feel of a properly made investigated thriller with the right tone and mood. The story is almost predictable halfway into the storied duo to its setup, as we are only thrown into flashbacks-except for one intelligent twist.


Cadaver starts with a mystery man abducting and cruelly murdering a chief surgeon from a reputed hospital. As the case proceeds you will be introduced to Badra Thangavel( Amala Paul) great pathologist, who assists commissioner Vishal in the case. Alongside that, we will also be introduced to Vetri(Thrigun) in jail. Who has already vowed to kill that surgeon by drawing on his portrait? As reported, the news comes out that the commissioner and pathologist are left with no choice but to meet Vetri and interrogate him.

Despite being in jail, the prisoner manages to kill his second target just as he vowed. The entire city is shocked and everyone realizes that someone is helping him from the outside.

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Amala Paul’s performance as a pathologist aimed at dead bodies and in a mortuary setup is something to watch which you can definitely miss. Meanwhile, there were sequences that could have been elevated for the perfect payoff.

Amala Paul’s motive to re-examine a dead body has no proper setup.

The most surprising thing about the Cadaver is its characters and the making. The music in the movie is very subtle.

The central pillar of the film is its art director, who recreated the mortuary and several cadavers to give an authentic feel to the film.

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