Review of Criminal Justice Season 3 

Review of Criminal Justice Season 3

If you have watched Criminal Justice season1 then this is for you and if you haven’t seen it yet then I must say you are missing a really awesome series. This series will never disappoint you. The plot in the latest season is definitely promising.

So you would definitely be happy to know that Criminal Justice Season 3 is here on the OTT platform with a bang.

The second season begins with a family that lives in South Bombay and sits on a mountain of wealth. Zara is a pre-teenager who is a child actor and is very famous. Her parents Avantika and Pankaj dot on her. You will also see Zara’s brother Mukul who feels underappreciated and unseen. The problem comes when this family visits Madh Island for a weekend and Zara gets brutally murdered there.

criminal justice season 3

All evidence and clues point to Mukul. As luck would have it, the Ahujas ran out of money. There comes our savior Madhav Mishra(Pankaj Tripathi).

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Every season of Criminal Justice deals with some correctional facility-in this case, you will see juvenile correctional homes. A prime suspect was arrested and sent to custody. The experience was no good for Mukul as he was mocked for his privileges and bullied and even beaten up several times.

Talking about minors there are many who are dealing with this trauma.

Here we will see how a lot of parents are unaware of the mental health of their children. We see Mukul battling anger issues and taking recourse to drugs and alcohol when he asks for help from his parents but he gets shrugged off by his parents.

In one scene you will see Pankaj watching an old video wherein he and Avantika celebrate Zara winning her first award but in the same video, Pankaj notices Mukul standing in a corner. However, this shows that his father is sure that his stepson murdered Zara.

Criminal Justice rests solely on the immensely likable Pankaj Tripathis’s shoulder and every time Pankaj proves that he is the master of his game.

In a bid to make Pankaj the hero, this season brings Shweta Basu Prasad aka Lekha, his opponent. Lekha is a young lawyer whose main motive is to prove Mukul guilty. Lekha is ready to shrug some important facts too, in order to achieve her goal.

Lekha’s arguments are half-baked and funny. She is just there so that Madhav can prove once again that he is unbeatable.

When Pankaj Tripathi becomes repetitive, the show struggles to separate the fabulous actor’s personality from his character.

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