Dare Me

Review of Dare Me Season 1

Review of Dare Me Season 1

Dare me centers on teammates and best friends, Addy and Beth, whose relationship begins to unravel at the arrival of the seemingly perfect coach Collette French. It starts shortly after meeting their coach, Addy and Beth catches her cheating with her ex-ling and the sergeant stationed in their town.

The fallout of the moment is an addictively toxic game of manipulation and one-upmanship. Beth comes from a wealthy but broken home and is the team’s coveted head of the pyramid and the top girl in cheerleading.

This intel is powerful leverage over Coach, should she ever be it to get ahead socially or in the squad. Whereas Addy, who is a middle-class girl with a much quieter, more complicit personality, is exploited by the coach to believe she’s special and uses her to both keep her quiet and help orchestrate the affair.

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Eventually, someone dies, which results in an elaborate cover-up, shaking their small Midwestern town and making them involved in that case.

At times it feels like Dare Me really wants this show to be cheerleading drama, but later you come to know that it’s a mystery thriller. Episodes often open with a cryptic shot of blood suspended in the atmosphere or creepy clips of loose teeth to hint at what’s to come.

These clues turn this cheerleading story into an addictive crime drama. You can start showing interest in it to check what it all means and what happens next. Meanwhile, Dare Me delivers a plot that takes increasingly intense turns over the course of its first session.

Dare Me’s twisted story ultimately mirrors the tenuousness of the cheerleading pyramid itself: When a girl loses her balance, everything comes crashing down. It’s an often outlandish journey to get to its big “Holy shit” ending, but this show is the sort of teen drama that runs with that insanity and goes home with the gold because of it just as the cheerleaders on the series can become addicted to making it as a top girl.

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