Doctor G

Review of Doctor G 2022

Review of Doctor G

“Jo cheez mere pass hai hi nai,uska ilaaj Kaise karoon” is a line you’d never expect to hear from a doctor. Ayushman Khurrana played the role of funny, quirky, and confused Doctor G. And of course, another trait that stands out in this doc is how he’s comfortable unaware of his chauvinism and patriarchal beliefs.

doctor G

Anubhuti Kahsyap’s Doctor G presents one character after another,well-sketched and each with a distinct personality that adds layers to the circumstantial chaos and conflict in Dr. Uday’s life The myriad characters bring a certain vibrancy to the story which is set largely on a medical college campus in Bhopal. Together, they beautifully set the mood and tonality of the film-light-hearted, funny, and breezy for the most part.

Doctor G

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The makers of the film, Junglee Pictures who are known to back unique and path-breaking films like Raazi and Badhaai Ho, have attempted to take the audience into a zone that has never been tapped into Hindi cinema before.

The way comedy has been used is just right, there is never an overdose. Even in scenes where a serious topic is being handled, the impact is strong, but the delivery and performances remain subtle and dignified.

What could have become a cut-and-dry hospital comedy turns into a highly palatable story, with an underlying social message.

Ayushman Khurrana is a natural at his act whether he is a hassled doctor on campus trying to cope with all his female peers, or handling the matters of his heart Rakul Preet Singh displays her acting chops beautifully without taking attention away from the central conflict of the movie.

Ayushmann’s character is handholding him through his emotional crises and pushing him out of his old-fashioned beliefs and ideas about men and women. Sheeba Chadha brings in many laughs as Uday’s progressive mom. who while paying a perfect parent is also trying to live her life with her abdomen.

Anubhuti Kashyap’s first mainstream film boasts of her ability to bring out a host of nuanced performances. Every character in Doctor G performs their part finely to pump life into the story. Watch this movie at a theater near you or on Netflix, sehat ke liye achcha hai! G

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