Falling For Christmas

Review of Falling For Christmas 2022

Review of Falling For Christmas

“Falling for Christmas” Story starts when a gallant blue-collar widower strikes up an impossible romance with a wealthy, stuck-up heiress betrothed to a cocky himbo who is written expressly to be disliked. The rich young woman and the blue-collar guy don’t have much in common at first but she later shows a predilection for domestic labor, which makes it clear that she can be reformed.

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Sierra came down with amnesia after a skiing accident, leaving the generous Jake to care for her over the holidays at his rustic lodge. As they waited for her memory to recover, Jake and Sierra bonded over various nondescript holiday activities, most of which felt like they were improvised on set-Gingerbread house food fights, cavorting in the snow.

Meanwhile, Jake is struggling to keep his lodge afloat, which he blames on people booking Airbnb. The director, Janeen Damian, doesn’t seem to have considered it.

Falling for Christmas

At one point, in a truly shameless bid for self-referential humor, Sierra is disrupted in bed by the gonging tu-dum of the Netflix logo and an ad for another Netflix holiday movie. If this is the standard we’re dealing with.

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