Review of First Kill Season 1

Review of First KillĀ Season 1

First Kill is a supernatural romantic series that is teen-centric and starcrossed. when you’ve got such standouts as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Vampire Diaries, and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. First Kill attempts to pick up the stakes andĀ run with its vampire vs monster hunter-in-love premise, but the show’s lack of humor, propulsive chemistry and strong writing make this a forgettable entry in the genre space.

First Kill Season 1

The first kill is based on a short story by best-selling YA novelist V.E. Schwab, who is both an executive and co-writer of the eight-episode first season.

The main story centers on two teens, Juliette Fairmont and Cal Burns. Both attend Lancaster Academy in Savannah, Georgia, and are intrigued by one another. In the first half you will see Juliette sweet and socially awkward, and desperately trying to navigate what seems like the onset of puberty with family-prescribed pills she has to take several times daily.

Juliette is a vampire who is trying to suppress her inclination to fully evolve into a Daywalker by undertaking her first kill. The problem is Juliette is quite the pacifist preferring to catch bees and release them in the wind, instead of biting anyone. Juliette has a big sister Elinor encourages her to just give it. and starts feeding, but Juliette is more focused on her school crush, Cal.

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First Kill is a daily soap supernatural star-crossed romance that doesn’t break any new ground in the genre, elevating itself above the other mediocre series of its ilk. this drama is based on a lesbian couple as the leads, Sarah and Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis, and their chemistry is stuck at a simmer.

Writers lean into the hinders us from falling in love with watching them fall in love, which is a requirement for a series like this to work. the last thing in the series is having the melodrama of their warring families overshadowing the duo too much, and ultimately this is why the show suffers from it.

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