Review of Flames Season 3

Review of Flames Season 3

Season three of Flames, produced by TVF and directed by Divyanshu Malhotra, premiered on October 28 on Amazon Prime Video and MX Player. The show is already trending with the popularity of seasons one and two, which have now returned with a third season that hints at all the right notes. This season follows Rajat and Ishita as their love develops and faces new hurdles.

Seasons 1 and 2 were totally focused on adolescent romance and the character development of the protagonists. Season 3 of Flames is more realistic and focused on the maturing of the characters and their struggle to achieve the perfect balance between their relationship and professional aspirations.

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Season 3 continues directly after the events of the second season finale. Friends Rajat, Ishita, Anusha, and Pandu attended tuition classes by Kaushal sir at the Sunshine Institute. The story takes an unexpected turn, however when Ishita’s friend zones Rajat, despite the fact that he still has feelings for her.

The show’s five episodes will give you a realistic feel. These folks are preparing for their 12th boards this season.

Rajat’s father can show signs of harsh patriarchy, while her mother can be seen as forgiving and protective. Rajat’s elder brother is an IIT student, and he has repeatedly encouraged Rajat to follow in his footsteps.

To sum up, season 3’s story is good. These five episodes are the right combination of friendship, passion, and emotions, highlighted by a lot of real teenage problems.

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