Get Even Season 1

Review of Get Even Season 1

Review of Get Even Season 1

Get Even is a pretty fascinating and amazingly written mystery. While it features the same array of tropes you would expect, they are totally handled well alongside the murder mystery which takes center stage in the show.

Get Even feels like a mash-up between fellow Netflix teenage drama Elite and Control Z.

Split into 10 episodes clocking in at 25 minutes, Get Even wastes a lil of time getting right to the heart of the drama. the story is based on a private school known as Bannerman. Within the school grounds, four students from very different walks of life join forces to form the group DGM (Don’t Get Mad) exposing those who get away with injustice.

Get Even Season 1

Kitty plays up the sporty role and is, for the most part, a model student. Margot is a brainiac of the group and in charge of electronics while misfit Bree brings up the alternate scene. The final girl Oliva is a student who’s entirely in with the popular crowd.

Starting off the show this four settle into their roles nicely and took down Coach Creed courtesy of some hidden cameras showing him at his worst. Unfortunately, the plan they have for the next target goes terribly wrong.

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When Ronny is murdered, a note left at the crime scene incriminates their group. In secret, The DGM girls try to work out who’s responsible while on the surface living out their school lives without seeming suspicious. All this is made worse when two detectives search for the culprits restlessly. The two immediately in the firing line happen to be Olivia and Bree.

This show does do pretty well to sideline this though but expects love triangles, teen anger, and some big arguments dotted throughout the series. Thankfully though, this doesn’t overpower the main story.

If there’s one thing Get Even absolutely nails though it’s the mystery itself. Throughout the 10 episodes, you’ll be kept guessing right the way through to the end as numerous different suspects come forward. There are a lot of motives and different suspects that could have killed Ronny and Get Even is self-aware enough to throw in numerous red herrings to catch you off-guard.

Based on the show Get Even certainly deserves one. There’s a lot to like about this show and the unresolved character arcs by the end. Getting Even is a welcome change of pace. while it’s certainly not going to shift the small screen anytime soon seismically, it’s a solid enough entry to make it worth your time.

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