Review of Ghar Wapsi Season 1

Review of Ghar Wapsi Season 1

Do you have siblings who are living in different cities for study or jobs? Do you miss them? Do you want them to be with you when you feel alone? And, when they visit during their holidays or at festivals, do you really get annoyed with their interference in your life? That’s what defines the bond between siblings – bitter, sweet and sour sometimes.

ghar wapsi season 1

Hotstar’s latest web series Ghar Wapsi took my time when my elder sister moved away from home. Initially, it was a very good time as you get the entire room, but sometimes you need someone to stay by your side, someone who can listen to you, and solve your problems. It’s not just me, the same things go with her as well. This series is just that way story of a middle-class family where a sibling wants her sibling.

Six episodes of this series give us a family of five: a controlling but loving mother, a happy father, a son who returns to Indore after losing his job in Banglore, a young brother who is reckless in business, and their carefree sister.

Shekhar Dwivedi returns to his family in Indore after being sacked from his job. The first two episodes make it a bit boring to watch shekhar who is trying his best to get a job again while finding it difficult to settle with his family and the peculiarities of every character of the Dwiwedi household.

As the episodes go along, the show becomes interesting. With time you will see warm, funny, touching, and tender. When Shekhar’s mother makes his favorite food, other siblings complain about not making them their favorite.

When Shekhar’s friends complain about him getting very busy with his job and not having time to call or text, you can relate to a point when you were avoiding friends at some point in your life.

In this series, actor Atul Srivastava plays a non-dramatic who’d be out of place in traditional Bollywood dramas. The father has no hard feelings about Shekhar moving away from home as his son wants to fulfill his dreams. he does not praise him when his son helps him in revving his travel agency as he knows his son will not hold back at home.

When the father tells his daughter to ignore her mother who scolded her for going out with a guy, you will then realize that now parents and children no longer need to be on the opposing team.

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Not only Shrivastava but every actor gave a convincing performance. Shekhar gets the frustration of a corporate employee. Anushka Kaushik gets the tone of a younger sibling. Vibha Chibber will definitely remind you of your mother. At Dewiwedi’s, we definitely have a family that never says Love you to each other – just like every Indian family – but you definitely get to feel their deep bond.

When you will see the trailer of Ghar Wapsi, this show seemed to be similar to Gullak and Yeh Meri’s Family from the 90s. But Ghar Wapsi is different from those. This show will bring you home after taking a break from your busy lives. where you will sit with your parents and siblings to have a good discussion, and conversation and play indoor games.

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