Review of Gossip Girl Season 3

Review of Gossip Girl Season 3

Review of Gossip Girl Season 3

Gossip Girl has been a long, lonely road and now it has come to an end.

After six seasons, the series that taught us about fashion, friends, and fake smiles will retire like an out-of-season handbag but take it as advice don’t ruin your mascara with tears.

This entire finale was a perfect balance of nostalgia, mythology, wit, trickery, and closure.

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Now that I’ve had time to digest the finale, I’m very glad that a relatively small portion of the final hour was spent wrapping up the season’s plot. We all knew this wasn’t the final season we were hoping for. Instead, we had some intimate quality time with Serena and Dan, who spent much of the hour flashing back to Dan’s Gossip Girl beginning and their first meeting.

They struggled to make their wedding happen before Blair would be forced to testify against Chuck, who was a murder suspect. So they made it happen in a rush but surprise. Their marriage succeeded in getting checked off the suspect list, and Bart’s death was ruled an accident.

Nate spent much of the episode trying to unmask Gossip Girl because it was the kind of big story that would save the spectator. Thankfully, Dan handed him the story in the form of a final chapter and saved his butt.

Do you think “Chunk and Blair hold hands: Chunk and Blair go to the movies “are lines from Serena’s secret book about the gang? Are you going to miss the only show on TV that can use the line, “The good thing is we can do the same thing we did last time Bart died? Did anyone else chuckle when Eric thanked his mother for her “wonderful parenting? He was mocking her right? And lastly, how would you grade the finale?

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