Review of Greenhouse Academy Season 1

Review of Greenhouse Academy Season 1

A Netflix ORIGINAL, Greenhouse Academy is based on an Israeli TV series called The Greenhouse, with the first season of the adaptation released in 2017.

So if you haven’t seen or heard about it then what are you waiting for?

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It’s a story about two brothers and sisters, Hayey and Alex Woods whose mother an astronaut is killed when a NASA rocket launch goes wrong.

Eight months later they enroll in an elite boarding school for gifted future leaders in Southern California. It’s the same school their mother used to attend.

The school is split into two separate competing houses, with Alex in the Eagles and Hayley in the Ravens.

Though fiercely competitive over time, students in both houses have to put academic rivalry aside and join together as mysterious events draw them all into a top-secret investigation.

Is Greenhouse Academy Worth watching?

Yes definitely, this show has everything you are looking for.

It’s a smart show for a  number of reasons. Firstly, the lead characters are focused on intelligence and leadership qualities over cuteness.

Overall this show is a well-written and very engaging show that is great for older kids and their parents who want to watch along with them.

How many Seasons of Greenhouse Academy?

There are 3 seasons now the 4th one was canceled therefore you will get to watch 40 episodes.

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