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Review of Harry and Meghan’s Season 1

Review of Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle have been among the most well-known royal partners in recent times. They have experienced a lot of controversy during their time together as a married couple, and here in this show, they reveal all.

In addition to the former senior members of the royal family, the show includes a number of the couple’s friends and family members.

harry and meghan

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The two-volume series gives viewers a glimpse into their early lives and discusses how the couple met, how they left the royal family behind and how they have lived since. this show addresses sensitive themes, including Meghan being bullied by them. The royal family, the institutionalized racism in the Royal Family, her having suicidal thoughts, losing her child, and many more.

In the two-volume docudrama, Meghan and Harry provide their first-person accounts of what transpired. This tale comes from the horse’s mouth itself.

Every story like a coin undoubtedly has two sides. The audience was informed before the documentary even started that the Royal family hadn’t commented on it. The documentary’s premise is quite weak because it is a one-sided account, to begin with.

It is stated in the documentary’s last episode that the objective of the six-part docudrama is that Sussex wants ton to share the truth, and bring about peace.

The documentary employs a number of dramatic elements, such as Meghan’s constant crying, sad background music, and making her kid talk to princess Diana’s picture for the video. Making it feel more like a docudrama than a reliable documentary with a fair argument and evidence to back claims.

Harry and Meghan allow Sussex to tell their own story and speak their truth. Unfortunately, this series lacks some important aspects of what makes a good documentary, including a strong purpose. To make matters worse, there’s a gloss of drama, making for a rather dour experience overall.

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