Review of Heartbreak High Season 2

Review of Heartbreak High Season 2

Heartbreak High is an old Australian teen drama. This series, which defined post-teatime television for a generation of 90s kids, is now re-suited and rebooted for the digital age. Now we were bought back again to Hartley High, but this time only the teenagers have active sex lives, smartphones, and the freedom to swear with impunity.

Heartbreak High Season 1

Heartbreak High is all about friendship, revenge, sex, problems, and solutions. Heartbreak High is big-hearted, and its teenagers are not entirely insufferable – an achievement in the complex world of contemporary teen TV.

The series is based on two best friends Amelie and Harper, previously inseparable, who are torn apart by a mysterious grievance that turns them into enemies. Netflix issued critics with a list of spoilers they would like us to avoid, which includes the main source of action for the whole thing, even though it happens in the first few minutes and almost everything that happens is about it.

it is safe to explain that this ends up in the Mean Girls Territory, with only more of a  focus on sex. Amerie, who is as charismatic as she is clumsy, sets the familiar teen drama trajectory of a popular girl to a misfit. where she befriends original misfits Darren and Quinn. Despite most of the school being pitted against her, she learns there’s more to life than being universally adorned and having a crush on the hottest boy there, a model type called Dusty. Every character is played so well just like a professional model.

More crucial is the breakdown of the relationship between Ameri and Harper after a terrible trip to a musical festival, which leads to an undisclosed trauma that takes a long time to reveal itself. There are a few sweet things about Heartbreak High’s insistence on the central love story being a platonic one between teenage girls. The supporting cast is strong, particularly the non-binary character Darren and their sidekick Quinn.

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While the kids are bickering among themselves, there are bigger problems. If this all sounds familiar, it is because it is so similar to Sex-Education from its tone. Basically, this removes the sex therapy element, moves it to the southern hemisphere, and hopes for the best. After all, Sex Education works primarily because of the way it pairs warmth and openness.

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