Review of HIT: The First Case Movie Review

Review of HIT: The First Case Movie Review

Available On: In Theatres Near You, Netflix.

Runtime: 135 Minutes

Language: Hindi

When the movie starts you see a man named Vikram ( Rajkummar Rao) suffering from PSTD due to his past traumas which were killing him slowly. he is being seen as a police officer. When he breaks from his police job due to his health, his girlfriend, including a stranger girl, disappears. The cop joins his duty after knowing about this and this begins the movie.


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HIT Movie: Script Analysis

What do you think when you talk about a thriller whose first frame in itself is suspense without giving spoilers? The last film that managed to do it with full marks and a glorious reward was Sriram Raghavan’s Andhadhun and it’s already been remade in all possible languages.

The first case isn’t at par with Andhadhun but this doesn’t make it weak either. This movie is pretty strong.

Sailesh resorts to cliched plot lines and refuges at many points. He talks about the fear of safety in women and the societal gaze, but the point he forgets about is the conclusion.

You’ll see a woman who does something just to seek attention like she has no idea law is a thing, cops were conducting a lie detector test and even a narco test on the same day. If this isn’t enough for you then you will see a sudden change of heart between the people who were fighting to kill each other.

HIT Movie: Star Performance

Rajkummar Rao is a very good actor also he always understands his assignment and does exactly what his director asks him to do. Here in this movie, he is giving his 100% but there are some points where he forgets his accent.

They’re no longer for Sanya Malhotra as she exists only to be kidnapped and found. We cannot see many stories for her.

HIT Movie: Last Words on the movie

Rajkummar Rao really needs a lot more but this doesn’t mean that it’s entirely bad either.

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