Hostel Daze Season 3

Review of Hostel Daze Season 3

Review of Hostel Daze Season 3

Hostel Daze Season 3 most popular ott series is back now. Our favorite gang of misfits in the third year of engineering college, with new problems and their solutions. Season 3 is divided into six episodes and is directed by Abhinav Anand.

Coming in its stars are Nikhil Vijay Jatin Kishor, Shubham Gaur as Jaat, Luv Visopute as Chirag, and Utsav Sarkar as Ankit.

The complete cast of the series includes Ahsaas Channa as Akanksha, Ayushi Gupta as Nabomita, Sahil Verma as Rakhi, Harsha Chemudu as Ravi Teja, Abhinav Anand, Jasmeet Singh, Badri Chavan, Harish Peddintiand Suraj Chaudhary.

The season starts when all-time favorite hostlers Chirag, Jatin, Jaat, and Ankit find their way through creative problems. This season you will see their pressure to beat Hostel Wing 3 in cultural competition, deal with economic targets, and solve the mysteries of the face wash thief all this with the bond of friendship.

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Each episode has an anthological theme and fourth-wall-breaking narrator. Utsav Sarkar has replaced Adarsh Gaurav in the role of love-stuck Ankit.

Review of Hostel daze season 3

All in the six episodes series is successful in delivering a wave of college nostalgia. Along with a heavy dose of laughter-filled moments. And if this wasn’t enough, it also has the caliber to make you emotional in the end.

The series is a must-watch fun ride, with a class apart humor that makes it a highly entertaining binge. Moreover, it doesn’t fail to make you burst out laughing at times and leave you wanting more.

I bet you will love this show and will thank me later.

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