Review of Masoom Season 1

Review of Masoom Season 1

Story: Lies and dishonesty catch up with a family as sudden death. They throw open a web of secrets.

Review: This series is set in a village in Punjab, ‘Masoom’open up with the news of Madamji’s death, the wife of Dr.Balraj Kapoor. While everyone is getting rid of the grief, the youngest daughter Sana arrives from Delhi. From the start, you will come to know that Dr.Balraj and Sana share a strained relationship. While her older sisters and brother have accepted the circumstances of their mother’s death as related by their father, Sana is instantly suspicious.


And when she comes to know about her father’s extramarital affair with his colleague, she is convinced that there is more to her mother’s death than meets the eye. Sana decided to keep an eye on Dr. Balraj’s whereabouts and tried to find every single clue about her mother’s death.

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Sana decides to take matters into her own hands to get to the bottom of it. And thus begins to unravel a series of closely guarded secrets held together by her family.

Masoom sets a ton for intrigue and suspense right from the start. As Sana snoops around, despite the resistance from the rest of her family, it is obvious that they are hiding things. The characters in the show are grey and nothing is as it seems. the series manages to build intrigue for the most part as various sub-plots intermingle.

Portions of the narrative begin to stretch, in spite of being a limited six-episode run and character loopholes that remain unanswered until the end. The performance by the strong cast-Boman Irani, Upasana Singh, and Manu Rishi Chadda – keeps one invested. Samara Tijori as the main protagonist holds her own well through the series which demands myriad emotions from her.

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