Review of Mission Majnu 2023

Review of Mission Majnu 2023

A generic spy thriller that is totally based on actual events from our prickly relationship with Pakistan, Mission Majnu doesn’t add much to our knowledge and understanding of the universe where undercover agents operate.

Set against the backdrop of Pakistan’s desperation to create its own atom bomb after Buddha smiled at Pokharan in 1974, director Sidharth Bagchi follows the exploits of an undercover agent to expose Pakistan’s secret plan to achieve parity as a nuclear power.

Mission Majnu

The political figures involved in the political and intelligence slugfest. And then there are those that are fictionalized… like how Tariq, who works as a tailor, stitches an amorous bond with a blind girl Nasreen.

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Siddharth is a little too eye-catching to slip into the character of a spy in a film that is trying to be realistic. Like his fellow spies, played by Sharib Hashmi and Kumud Mishra, he keeps the pitch higher than the situation demands. The romantic portion of the film is dull. Rashmika seems conscious of the time she has been asked to merge.

There are exciting twists in how Tariq ekes out information and how Nasreen can sense the truth by touch, but the execution makes it a tad too sentimental for a thriller.

The writer places characters on both sides of the border who can see history beyond the divisive version that politicians often present.

However what irks me is how a spy can find true love while serving as an undercover agent in a foreign land, but his assumed religious identity never comes his way in our spy films.

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