Review of Monica, My Darling 2022

Review of Monica, My Darling

Coming to thriller part of movies there are two types first wherein some crime occurs at the start of the movie and the rest of the story deals with unraveling it. Second, in which you know the people behind the crime right at the beginning and then the story progresses.’Monika, O My Darling’ belongs to this category.

Gritty and full of twists and turns, the movie has been directed by Vasan Bala. Writer Yogesh Chandekar successfully adapted the story to unfold in Pune. The director-writer duo has done a  fabulous job of it.

Monica, My Darling

Monica Machado, played by Huma Qureshi, is a secretary in a  robotic company and thinks that all the men are her robots, Hence she starts blackmailing three people from the start of the movie. Hence the trio decided to eliminate her and sign a Murder Agreement.

Three of them plan to execute her murder. But from the start, only things started going wrong at this point.

Huma Qureshi was brilliant as a timid, here she plays a completely different character. She is charming, confident, and seductress in this movie.

Huma did an excellent job in this movie.

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What works in the favor of ‘Monica, O My Darling’ is its characterization. In this movie, there is not even a single character who is positive. All the characters in this movie have their own past, greed, and secrets. They are ready to go to any length to realize their intentions. In this process, they become much more believable to the viewers.

The makers have paid tribute to retro Bollywood and its marvelous music.

Monica, O My Darling has a very Johnny Gaddar-ish feel to it. This edge-of-the-seat thriller is playing out on Netflix.

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