Review of Movie CAT 2022

Review of Movie CAT

When the Hindi film industry was extremely busy making us believe that Punjab was all about ‘Sarso ke Khet’ and joint families living in huge ancient Havelis, it dealt with two problems: first militancy and then drugs. It’s very recently that shows like ‘Tabbar’ and films like ‘Udta Punjab’ have made audiences outside Punjab realize the reality.


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Netflix’s “CAT,” with which Randeep Hooda debuted on OTT, deals with both issues. Randeep plays CAT aka Gary Gurnam Singh. Whose past is raved by militancy and whose future is threatened by drugs?

There were many events that occurred in Punjab where certain events forced a young Gary to become one. Later he quit that job and is now Gurnam, a mechanic. However, once again circumstances compel him to spy for the police, this time to bust a vast drug trafficking network run by a political leader, Madam Aulakh.

CAT is a winner from the first episode itself. All central characters do have a backstory, sometimes it continues to unfold right up to the last episode. A few subplots like Mukhtyar get too much weightage, adding to the total length of this eight-hour-long series.

If it is Punjab then for sure you will have foggy mornings and evenings adding to the haunting effect and winters have a gloomy feel. Randeep Hooda in the titular role and also Suvinder Vicky are outstanding. His track becomes Bildungsroman and Randeep effectively brings to life Gurnam’s strength.

The scene in which he kills a man in a field and blood splashes all over his face stays with you.

While most of the tracks intertwine and meet their logical end, CAT ends on a cliffhanger, hinting that this season might just be a precursor to something else.

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