Review of the movie Laal Singh Chaddha 2022

Review of the movie Laal Singh Chaddha

Laal Singh Chaddha: A story based on a man with a low IQ level traveling on a train where he starts telling his story to his co-passenger with a background of current events happening in India finding his story interesting more fellow passengers join in.

laal Singh Chaddha

He was born during the Indo-Pak war where his grandfather was a martyr when he was named after him having a low IQ level. No school allowed him to join their school, but finally, a priest of a catholic school does so seeing the fighting spirit in his mother.

The schoolchildren try to avoid him but he befriends Roopa Dsouza, his classmate. He bonds very well with Roopa but she wants to be wealthy as her drunk father always used to beat her mother for money and one day her father killed her mother.

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After her mother’s death, Roopa goes to stay with her grandmother who turns out to be the maid working in Laal Singh Chadha’s House, and both start to spend more time together.

As a kid, Laal eventually proposes to her. But Roopa’s ambition is to be an actress and become wealthy while Laal joins the army. During his term in the military Lal meets Bala both become very good friends and planned a business together, but Bala passed away in the war.

After his army service, Lal decides to entire fil dream of Bala and starts the business planned with him where he is assisted by Mohammad Paji who was once a terrorist and Laal saved his life during the war.

Laal’s life and business are doing well but he still has a place for Roopa whom he hasn’t met for years and waits for his return.

laal singh chaddha

One-line Review of the movie: It’s a one-time watch.

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