Review of Movie Qala 2022

Review of Movie Qala

Qala movie has won the hearts of the audience. The relationship between a mother and a daughter in a male-dominated society and the struggles to fit in the space are well displayed in the movie. Anvita Dutt’s psychological drama “Qala’ is like an impressionist painting.


Set in 1930s, when Calcutta was the hub of Hindi film music, Qala tells the story of a female playback singer caught in a web of defeats and deceits, part of which are of her own making. Her life involves music and her mother. The consequences are disastrous.

Both the actors Tripti and Babil justified the characters. Marking the first step in Bollywood, Irfan Khan’s son Babil has rightfully taken over the legacy of his father. You will witness a glimpse of his late father in his acting.

As a young girl, Qala wishes to become a great singer, mostly to win her mother Urmila’s approval. You will see the flashbacks reveal how they live isolated in a dimly-lit house in Himachal, where her mother tells her that she has to work harder than any man to achieve success as a playback singer.

Anvita tries to situate her views in the mind of her female protagonist. Whether we see her hallucinating or crumbling down with nervousness. Qala’s journey is built on a suspended deceit that does not quite know where to focus.

The real hero of the film is its music composed by Amit Trivedi and the background score was created by Sagar Desai.

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This movie is gorgeously shot by Siddharth Diwan, each scene is mapped out like a painting.

Qala impressively brings together the beauty and the dark reality of the music world, backed by great direction, cinematography, and background score. The film is not just a must-watch but an experience to be lived.

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