tara vs bilal

Review of Movie Tara Vs Bilal

Review of Movie Tara Vs Bilal

Tara vs Bilal Review: Bollywood has many times used the idea of opposite attractions many times and Tara vs Bilal is no exception. But it’s still sweet and very simple over a story that makes for a light, breezy watch. This 122-minute drama nails the most important aspect of a romantic drama right: a heartwarming love story.

The movie begins in London when Tara arrives for her honeymoon only to find out that her husband Karan has abandoned her and taken all of her jewelry and money. Bilal, the owner of the hotel where Tara and her husband were staying, when Bilal discovers that she is broke and throws her out.

Tara then struggles for her own survival. But Destiny has different plans for her as Bilal’s family puts pressure on him to get married despite staying single. As a result, Bilal plans to get a fake marriage with Tara.

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It is a simple romantic tale that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. The first half takes time to develop well-drawn characters on screen and focuses on their backstories, while the other half of the story is entirely dependent on the lead pair’s chemistry and how they overcome their inner demons. This movie is so interesting that you will get stuck in your seats.

Harsh Vardhan Rane portrays his character with charm. His emotional scenes in which his voice occasionally chokes. Sonia Rathee matches up with her character’s innocence and vulnerability. The elderly women’s gang, played by Mona Ambegaonkar, Deepika Amin, Niki Walia, and Shagufta Ali, did well in their supporting roles.

Tara vs Bilal is a cute romantic drama, but also a welcome change from the recent spate of remakes.

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