Review of The Great Indian Murder Season 1

Review of The Great Indian Murder Season 1

Story: Vikrant aka Vicky Rai, an industrialist with king size lifestyle totally spoiled brat, is killed at his own party to celebrate his release in the rape and murder case of two young girls. Vicky’s father Jagannath Rai, Home Minister of Chhatisgarh, demands a CBI inquiry.CBI officers Suraj Yadav and Sudha Bhardwaj lead the investigation into Vicky’s murder.

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The Great Indian Murder season 1 is based on Vikas Swarup’s 2016 novel. The series opens with cops stopping a car at a checkpoint as one of the inspectors wants a lift. However, when the inspector asked them to open the boot to keep his belongings the driver ran away from the car after which the inspector opened their car boot and found the bodies of two girls inside it. The vehicle is registered under the name of the industrialist Vikrant, who is also the son of Chhatisgarh’s Home Minister, Jagannath Singh.

The show takes a twist when Vicky’s father pulls a few strings and also bribes the police officers investigating the case. To mark a close to the case Vicky hots a party at Chhatarpur Farmhouse. In the midst of the celebration, Vicky is shot dead. Even waiter Munna and an Andaman tribal Eketi were arrested with a gun on them on the premises. Vicky’s father demands a CBI inquiry claiming he was being targeted. They enter CBI officers Suraj Yadav and police officer Sudha Bhardwaj, who was also investing his case earlier.

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Here writers Shulia, Maurya, and Sharma really worked fabulously to adapt Swarup’s novel and their narrative story will definitely keep you on the edge of the seat. Guess who killed Vicky and why. But each one of the suspects, from Munna and Eketti to Shabnam and Mohan Kumar all has a good reason to see the end of Vicky. But soon enough, you’ll also see that vengeance alone is not the motive but also political conspiracy could also be at play here.

Dhulia ensures his adaptation has you invested and involved in the case too. His narrative, with retelling the story from the character’s viewpoint and plenty of going back and forth will keep you stuck in your chair.

Don’t forget, the screenplay has a good dose of realistic touches from statehood for Chhatisgarh.

Pratik Gandhi delivers a fine performance as CBI officer Suraj Yadav, who also has a political line to toe. Like the no-nonsense cop Sudha Bhardwaj, Richa Chadha holds her own in front of Gandhi’s Suraj Yadav and like him has her own agenda too.

Ashutosh Rana effectively plays Jagannath Rai, who plays to his political interests and aspirations above everything and everyone including his family. Coming to Raghubir Yadav plays convincing and portrays the diabolical nature of Mohan Kumar, who also becomes Mohandas when it suits his purpose.

It is indeed the writing – by Dhulia, Vijay Maurya, and Puneet Sharma – is both the hero and villain of the piece. Characters are set up as people with strong motives to kill Vicky early on, but are then forgotten about for large portions of the show, or just ignored completely.

New characters, in turn, keep appearing all through. In general, a high level of suspension of disbelief is required, to be able to forget the bigger picture and enjoy specific scenes and moments. Yet, despite the plot becoming too convoluted beyond a point, the show is always up on energy, always willing to demand that you drop the mystery for a bit and focus on the present oddity on display.

Despite being based on a book, the Ajay Devgn-produced series makes a compelling watch for its suspense, drama, and excellent performances by an interesting cast.

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