The Haunting of Hill House

Review of The Haunting of Hill House 1

Review of The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of The Hill House, a few minutes into its first episode. It’s a good horror story that is all about the people and who they are, says Steve the author of a best-selling novel and the eldest of the disturbed Crain Family.

The 10 episodes series follow the lives of the Crain siblings -Steve, Shirley, a funeral director, Theodora, the child psychologist and twins Luke and Eleanor aka Nellie. The mansion haunts each of them with ghosts of the past.

The timeline jumps seamlessly from the wretched summer that the kids spent with their parents in the 1990s and the present, where the siblings share estranged relationships.

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Their mother’s death, which is almost a question mark, fills the youngest with grief and the oldest with anger. While the show does follow a haunted house for the most part, as the story furthers into the disturbing territory, the mood board gladly takes a hint.

The show’s production design and cinematography are impeccable, often elevating the scares. The episode designs a bone-chilling nightmare by stitching up spectacular long takes. To add some spice to the show’s genius, the cat pulls off career-best performances, making us grieve.

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