Review of the Movie Dhokha 2022

Review of the Movie Dhokha

Dhokha; Round D Corner is a thriller movie full of suspense till the end you will try to find out the culprit but you will not be able to find him/her. In the first half, the Kookie Gulati directorial presents so many possibilities that one feels like a confused child trying to grab a bunch of helium balloons, flying in every direction. But the thing is children don’t know how these balloons work.


The story isn’t that simple: R. Madhavan plays Yathaarth Sinha, an advertising executive whose wife Sanchi Sinha is seeking a divorce. In the next scene, we see Mafhavan talking to a psychiatrist over the phone. His wife’s condition is worsening and they have never asked about divorce.

Time Madavan reaches his office and sees on the news that a Terrorist has taken refuge in his flat and is keeping his wife hostage. The cop in the case is Kashmir Files Darshan Kumar.

Most comic scenes come from the media coverage of the episode. When a journalist asks a neighbor what she thinks about Sanchi, She reminisces how welcoming the hostage was, thinking she was dead. It’s a classic case of fake news.

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The real winner is Aparshakti Khurana.He seamlessly shifts between being comically volatile and endearingly vulnerable. His Kashmiri accent gets overboard in parts but showcases his effort. Sanchi plays a woman with a mental ailment with ease. She is not overly hysterical and her disorder is best conveyed in sly smiles and shifting eyes.

Madhavan feels a bit one-note when Darshan ably executes the rule of a stern cop. We have seen films like Dhokha. Too many doors were opened too soon and later, The makers struggle to shut the right ones.

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