Review of the movie Double XL

Review of the movie Double XL

Double XL is a story about body shaming and societal pressure set out to achieve their dreams in London against the odds. What do you think will they succeed or be weighed down by expectations and obstacles?

Double XL

Growing up in Meerut, Rajshree Trivedi ( Huma Qureshi) has always dreamed of becoming a sports presenter. Being 30 and overweight doesn’t dampen her spirits, but her pesky mother constantly badges her to get married, before it’s too late.

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The second character Saira Khanna (Sonakshi Sinha) on the other hand seems to be finally getting her life together. Saira has a boyfriend, and a best friend and she wants to launch her own fashion label. she gets a major boost after a leading TV channel approved her idea of shooting a fashion documentary in London. But just when they are all set their dreams come crashing down as everything that can go wrong does.

Body shaming is a relevant subject and a much-needed societal illness that needs to be addressed. When the screenplay progresses, the story doesn’t. It remains a hotchpotch of happy coincidences that make everything look all too easy for the two central characters. The writing of the film is preachy and repeatedly keeps harping on the same point in different situations that are equally hollow.

Huma Qureshi’s honest performance is a major saving grace of the film. The actress conveys Rajshri’s struggle through a powerful and emotional portrayal and also physically transforms herself to slip into the Double XL. Zaheer Iqbal as the flamboyant and flirtatious Zorawar Rehmani, who insists he is addressed as Zo, Za, or Zoo is more annoying than adorable. Alka Kaushal as Rajshri ‘s paranoid and always angry mother does a final job of conveying a small-aged woman’s insecurities.

Double XL is refreshing and relevant. It really takes guts on the part of the makers and the actors to weave a story around the subject. Its average execution scales down the film’s original potential.

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